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Coorg Secrets - Trek to Thadiyandamol, Kakkabe

Thadiyandamol or Tadiandamol is the highest peak in Coorg (Karnataka's trekking and naturalist paradise) and second highest in Karnataka at 1,750 meters or 5742 feet above sea level (Map coordinates). The name Tadiandamol literally means “highest point”. Located in the Western Ghats region of south west Karnataka the coorgi’s locally call it Thandiyandamol Betta. The Thandiyandamol trek is rated among some of the best in Karnataka and south india. A trekking route from the peak goes straight to Brahmagiri hills. The Brahmagiri hills (1340 mts) can be seen far off towards from the south of Tadiyandamol. You can also reach these hills from Kerala via Thirunelli. (River Kalindi originates from here also home to some thick rain forest like evergreen vegetation)

Along your trek get to experience native forest, high grasslands, ridge walking, mountain, paddy and coffee plantation terrain both in panoramic views. The mountains have patched of Shola forests (a type of high-altitude evergreen stunted forest found mainly in the Western Ghats regions of southern India i.e. Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu). They are found amid high-altitude grasslands. During monsoons you will get to see quite a few streams and waterfalls on the way to the peak. On a clear day you can view the distant Arabian Sea and the enchanting beauty of the whole of Kodagu from here. This region of Coorg boast some of Karnataka's best Waterfalls. (Coorg Waterfall Videos)

The region is adjacent to the Makutta forest with diverse wildlife such as the Nilgiri marten, flying squirrels and various civet cats. There are a myriad of birds and wide host of reptiles/amphibians.” After rains Leeches are a problem and it is important to take precautions, they can be painful sometimes. (You should take some salt, dettol swab/antiseptic liquid and/or tobacco).

Kakkabe which is 35km from Madikere provides access to this highest peak in Coorg. About 2 km by road from Kakkabe is the Padi Iggutappa temple. Dedicated to Lord Murga it is located at Padi near Ayyangeri forest in Padithara valley. The Temple resembles most of the ancient Keralite temples, in style and is the most important temple of Kodagu. Lord Iggutappa is the presiding deity for Puthari festival also the Harvest festival (Puttari ) of Coorg.
At the foothills of Tadiyandamol and about 5 km from Kakkabe is an important historical landmark Nalaknad an old palace build as a Hunting lodge called 'Nalku Naadu Aramane' (meaning palace of four villages). The Palace was constructed by Dodda Raja Veerendra, the king of Kodagu, in 1792. Dodda Verarajendra married Mahadevammaji here in 1796 .The palace, with its 12 magnificent pillars and walls adorned with beautiful carvings is now being used as a camping site for trekkers. While British army entered Kodagu, the last emperor of Halari family Chikaverarajendra took shelter here. Now this palace belongs to Archaeology department. There is a stream at the foothill of the peak which is good for camping. From the Palace the peak is around 6-7kms away.

Weather and Best time to Trek:
Best time to trek in Coorg is late part of the monsoon or early winter.

How to Get There:
Driving from Bangalore you first reach Madikere, from there it is around 35 km to Thadiyandamol. Driving directions to Madikere and Kakkabe. Nearest pertrol bunk is 20 km at Napoklu.
From Madikere ---- Bettagiri ----- Napoklu ----- Kakkabe -----Nalaknad ----- Thadiyandamol. You have park your vehicle if you go in a 4-wheeler at Nalaknad (there is also a palace at Nalaknad which is open till evening). If you go in a 2-wheeler you can drive another 1.5 km uphill till the road ends. It is a 6-7 Km walk to Thadiyandamol from here.
If you come from Virajpet , Thadiyandamol is 50 km from Virajpet, Bangalore----Mysore----Virajpet---- Nalaknad---- Thadiyandamol.

Where to Stay:

Popular Home Stays near Kakkabe

Poovannas also called the Palace Estate is a Homestay at Kakkabe. Kakkabe which is 35km from Madikere is where you start your trek to Thadiyandamol.

Chetu a visitor who reviews Palace Estate says "We stayed in the lap of nature at the foot of Tadiyandamol peak, the highest peak in Coorg. This place offers panoramic view of the valley. The early morning view from the balcony is one which we can never forget. The hosts Mr and Mrs. Prasad are very friendly and made us feel comfortable. The food was good too. It made us feel at home away from home. "

Honey Valley Estates a quaint Home Stay is at the base of the ridge that leads to Thadiyandamol. Honey Valley is near Kakkabe @ Yavakapady post/village, situated between Madikeri (Mercara) and Virajpet around 250 Km from Bangalore. Around 3km from Nalaknad is Kabbinakad the base village for Honey Valley Estate (The Estate is 3 Km from the village). The region is called Honey Valley because it was once the largest producer of Honey in India.
It takes around 4 hours from Honey Valley Estate to the peak. (A full day trek will get you to Thadiyandamol peak and back to the estate).

Dennis a visitor who reviews Honney Valley says "The location could not have been better. Splendidly isolated, the place is a dream for those looking forward to a real get away. The surroundings are prestine and begging to be explored. Any nature/wildlife enthusiast would keep returning to the place. "

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