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Karnataka Home stays - tariff, quality ratings and reviews.

Tariff and Reviews for HomeStays at Coorg, Chikmagalur, Hassan, Bangalore, Mysore, Hampi, Mangalore and Dandeli.

Karnataka and especially coorg have pioneered the concept of a Home Stays in India. The idea of giving the traveler a home away from home has started to gain momentum across the state.

Homestay facilitate you to get an insight into local people and their traditions. It gives you an opportunity to mingle and enjoy the local culture and hospitality. Homestays give tourists easy access to local cuisine, colorful festivals and intricate handicrafts of the local people. Home Stays are good options for single travellers especially females or women offering them great security. Some homestay’s allow the guest to be even share activities such as cooking in their kitchen. From the exapnsive coffee estates of Coorg, Chikmagalur and Shimoga to the tiny ancestral homes in Hampi Home Stays they are changing the way people in Karnataka experience places in our state.

Karnataka latest guidelines for HomeStays exempts taxes for Liquor served in Home Stays.
HomeStays are considered environmentally friendly since they promote commercial activity that does not disturb the fragile ecosystem of regions such as the Western ghat.

Finally, in a true HomeStay the families offering home-stay facilities to tourists will have to stay with the tourists and share their homes. It is not the spirit of home-stay when the family that owns the house stay away leaving the tourists to fend for themselves.

No standardization or ratings model yet for Home Stays - Reviews only solutions.

One problem with Home Stays is how do you research about their quality and standards before you travel. It will be a while before there is a model to certify home-stay facilities or classify them into categories which could be used by tourist to choose the good ones from the not so good home stays. A popular internet travel site HolidayIQ has evolved a model where they provide reviews from real travllers you have stayed in home stays and have rated them based on various parameters from food to service. Using these review travelers can make sure their chosen Home Stay is well-equipped and maintains minimum hygiene standards.

There are currently around 800 homestays in Karnataka. The goal is to take the number of homestays to 1,500, this will work out to 7,500 new room options for tourists.

Some of the popular home stays in tourism hotspots are covered below to guide you on your next stay away from home.

Top Home Stays in and around Coorg

Coorg HomeStays Costs and Reviews

In Coorg instead of constructing luxury hotels more coffee estates and traditional houses are being converted into HomeStays where tourists get to know the culture and tradition of the area. Previous post on how Homestays are the fastest growing hospitality sector in coorg.

Top Home Stays in and around Hampi

Hampi HomeStays Costs and Reviews

Top Home Stays in and around Mysore

Mysore HomeStays Costs and Reviews

You can find more about Mysore homestays in this few post a few months ago

Top Home Stays in and around Hassan or Sakleshpur

Hassan HomeStays Costs and Reviews

Top Home Stays in and around Chikmagalur

Chikmagalur HomeStays Costs and Reviews

Top Home Stays in and around Mangalore

Home Stays in Arecanut plantations coming soon in Mangalore

Top Home Stays in and around Bangalore or Nandi Hills

Bangalore HomeStays Costs and Reviews

Top Home Stays in and around Kabini Wildlife Reserve

Kabini HomeStay Costs and Reviews

Top Home Stays in and around Gokarana

Nimmu Guesthouse

Top Home Stays in and around Udupi

Apna Holiday Home Stay

Top Home Stays in and around Dandeli

Dandeli Home Stay


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